So, it’s definitely not 1974 anymore. I haven’t heard how sexy chest hair on men is in about 30 years. What do women think of chest hair? What do women think of back hair? That is what we set out to find out in this article. Moxie Studio participated in some small polls of women to find out and this is what we found:

76.65% of women do not like chest or back hair.

76% PERCENT?! 

Don’t worry men, there are still 23% of women who dig your chest sweater.

So let’s go back to the 70’s and even early 80’s, back then we had Magnum P.I. and his unbuttoned shirts, and he was “the man”. Magnum had an out of control mustache and a chest sweater that would make a sasquatch green with envy. I can remember the bedroom posters of Magnum, they hung on every young women’s bedroom wall and Tom Selleck was the hearthrob of thousands of women. Hair removal for men,denver laser hair removal,hair removal lakewood,hair removal,permanent laser hair removal

Those days seem to be a thing of the past now. If you take a look at a magazine now, you will see Matthew McConaughey showing off hairless pectorals, with a completely hairless back. The most hair you might catch on Matthew McConaughey is his nicely trimmed 5 O’clock shadow.

I guess we can blame Austin Powers and his cohorts for the switch to hairless men. Maybe disco ruined it for men, the butterfly collar with the shirt halfway undone and that medallion nestled deep in a patch of black chest hair. I guess it doesn’t matter anylonger because we are here now and body hair is out. So what do women think of your body hair? Most men don’t seem to know what women really think. They have to see what the media displays as sexy, but is that women think too. Is the media just being too hard on men and their body hair?

Either way, if you are ready to “take it all off” or even thin the heard, we are here to help you!

Whether you want a temporary or more permanent fix, we can find a solution perfect for you.
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