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You’re in the shower, soaping up and suddenly you look down. Does this song start running through your head? If you need to shampoo, rinse and repeat your nether regions, it’s time for you to pay us a visit. We have two solutions for you, sugar waxing or laser hair removal.

Unlike the revival of many 80’s bands who think they’ve gotten better with age, laser technology has. If you have had laser treatments in the past or have heard horror stories about painful rubber band snapping laser procedures, or suction laser, forget about what you’ve heard. That was the laser of old. We have top of the line technology, which eliminates suction and is virtually pain free.  We offer free consultations and test patches on any area to determine if laser is right for you. We promise that we won’t make you listen to 80’s ballads during your service (unless you really want to).

If you’re not a candidate for laser, we offer a temporary hair removal solution – sugar waxing. It is safe for all skin types, isn’t hot and consists of only three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. We make it ourselves. (Usually while listening to Def Lepard. Ha.Ha…..be here all day, folks) Most people ask if it hurts. Depends on your pain tolerance. It’s a lot less painful than regular waxing, though you are still pulling hair out by the root and there may be a little discomfort. The good news is it is over quick, and you will enjoy a nice smooth, silky finish.

If you don’t cry, we’ll even give you a sticker. A smooth, silky finish and a sticker?! It’s almost too good of a deal to pass up. I know you’re reaching for your phone right now to call us and book your appointment. We’ll see you soon!

Lakewood Studio – 303-232-2116    Golden Studio – 303-353-8011

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