Transform Your Skin with Sanitas Skin Care

Moxie Studio chooses to carry the Sanitas Skin Care line because it truly is the best on the market. The products are made locally in Louisville, Colorado. The concept behind Sanitas is to offer lasting results. Many of their cleansers, toners and treatments include exfoliating ingredients. The idea is to support your skin by removing dead skin cells that can linger and create a dull, aged look. Dead skin cells can also contribute to acne if they are not exfoliated off. Exfoliation is the best tool for anti-aging.

There is a concept out there that you shouldn’t do anything too harsh to your skin; that if something burns, it is bad for your skin. When it comes to Sanitas, some of their products are designed to cause tingling and burning sensations. They are exfoliating and stimulating your skin, similar to going to the gym and working out until you feel the burn. The ‘burn’ contributes to the muscles becoming stronger. Your skin needs similar stimulation. That is why glycolic, salicylic, lactic and fruit acids ingredients are used in Sanitas Skin Care.

If you are unsure about which products are best for your skin, our technicians at Acomoclitic are knowledgeable about Sanitas and can point you in the right direction.