The Slim New U HCG Diet is the most amazing diet I have ever tried. I had been over 150 lbs since 8th grade. I remember in high school always making the goal to try and get down to 150 but it never seemed possible. I would do different diets or work out plans and it always seemed like I could get down to about 152 and then a week later I was back at 155 or 157. After high school, I gave up. I don’t remember weighing myself very often over the years but I maintained my pant size between 10 and 12. I wore looser fitting shirts to hide my extra weight. I didn’t believe there was any way to lose the weight unless I starved myself and I knew it would come right back if I did that, so I stopped trying.

One time that really sticks out in my mind is when I went to the Anti-Gym for a tour. The trainer that met with me was very direct and told me I needed to lose 15 pounds. I couldn’t imagine losing 5 pounds and I kept trying to imagine losing 15 pounds. I thought I would look like a anorexic runway model if I lost that much weight! Now I know he was right.

When I discovered the HCG diet, I was really excited to try it out. I hoped to lose 5-10 pounds. The concept is that it burns the stored fat so it’s easier to maintain the weight loss. In June 2010 I decided to go for it. I chose to do 30 days and I lost 17 pounds. I got down to 150! I got rid of all my pants and went to the thrift store and replaced them with size 8 and a couple size 6 pants. It felt so amazing! I also noticed that all my shirts were lose fitting and looked frumpy on me now. I saved a couple to wear during bloated period times but got rid of most of them. I enjoyed buying more fitted shirts, blouses and sweaters.

HGC Diet

In January 2011 my mom decided to do the diet and I had gained back about 8 pounds during the holidays so I decided to do it with her. This time I got down to 145. That was an absolute miracle. After that I have easily maintained my weight at 150.

This diet changed my life! And I love knowing about it because if for any reason I find that I can’t fit into my size 8 pants, I know exactly what to do.

Basic Plan:
Start HCG drops 3 times per day on your first load day. This gives two days for the HCG to get into your system and attach to the fat molecules.
Load for 2 days–eat as much fatty foods as you can consume for 2 days–dairy queen and mcdonalds are recommended. Many people’s biggest mistake is not loading well enough…so eat up! bacon, cheesy omelet, greesy hashbrowns for breakfast….etc.

3rd day start the VLCD(very low calorie diet): 2 fruits, 2 vegetables (about 1 cup each) and 2 meats per day (3.5oz each). You can also include 4 melba toasts. Drink as much tea, coffee and water as you want with no milk or sugar. No artificial sweeteners–stevia is okay.
You can do this VLCD for 21-40 days and expect to lose on average 1 pound per day. Aim for 3 weeks, if you can go longer and want to, then go for it. The first time I did it, I went for 30 days. The second time, I was complete after 21 days. You have to go at least 21 days. Since it is such a short diet…don’t cheat! It’s not worth it. One cheat food can throw you off course. If you are hungry, eat larger portions of the veggies on the diet, an extra apple, or even a bit larger amount of meat. You aren’t suppose to feel hungry at all during this diet so if you are hungry you need to eat a bit more but only of the foods on the plan. I wanted to ‘snack’ but I wasn’t hungry, so I drank a lot of tea and water!

Fruits: oranges, apples, grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries. You can also use one lemon a day–usually for flavoring water, tea or fish/chicken.
Veggies: Asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, onions (stay away from starchy veggies)
Meats: White fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, chicken breast, buffalo (no salmon or tuna), You can eat beef, but buffalo is recommended because it is less fatty.

Recommended to eat all organic. It’s a great way to cleanse your body. Since I wasn’t buying many groceries since it’s such low calories, I didn’t mind spending a few dollars more on organic fruits, veggies and meats. This makes the diet a great detox as well. Seasonings are a must and add variety to your menu. Don’t cook with butter or vegetable oil. Olive oil is okay. Coconut oil is recommended.

AFTER THE 21-40 DAYS of the VLCD, stop taking HCG and then you do 21 more days of no sugar and no starch. You can start introducing back in dairy, eggs and other meats. No bread, cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. During this phase, you don’t want to cheat because this phase locks in your weight loss so you don’t gain back the weight. This is called the maintenance phase. You want to continue weighing yourself every morning to make sure you don’t add weight. If you do, notice what you ate the day before and adjust your diet and calories as needed for the next day.
After the final 3 weeks, you can go back to eating starch and sugars as you desire…although, you may be surprised that they don’t taste as good as they used to and they fill you up so quickly you may only be able to eat a few bites.

There is so much information online. Here is a link to some really great tips:

This also gives a good outline of the very low calorie days:
VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet menu is a very important aspect in HCG weight loss therapy. HCG alone cannot cause weight loss, it has to be combined with Very Low calorie diet to observe results because the HCG is burning 2,000-4,000 calories of your stored fat per day. The most important part of the VLCD diet is that during phase 2 the calorie intake has to be restricted. (I didn’t count calories…just focus on the recommended food plan. You will be surprised it is enough to satisfy you because your body is burning 2-4,000 calories a day of your stored fat. You won’t feel hungry or low on energy.)
Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches <>  has this sample VLCD menu. This could be used as a yardstick to further plan your diet chart in accordance with your taste & preferences.

1. Breakfast : Dieters can take tea, coffee, green tea and any health drink without sugar. Stevia can be used instead of sugar. One teaspoon of milk can be consumed in a whole day.
2. Lunch : 100 grams of grilled shrimps, steak, white fish, chicken, lobster, beef, pork, or liver can be taken in your meal. Choose only one vegetable and fruit.
3. Dinner : Again take grilled protein items and avoid mixing of vegetables. Drink lemon juice at frequent intervals. Drinking 2 liters and more of any fluid, especially water is highly recommended.
4. The VLCD diet should be maintained throughout the weight loss protocol. Except 2 days of loading phase.
5. The very low calorie diet is designed to use with standard range of HCG as this breaks the abnormal fat located in different body parts. If you have fat on chin, thighs, hips, arms and abdomen, this hormonal diet is great for you.
6. Traditional spices, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, parsley, thyme, sweet basil, pepper, little amount of salt can be used for seasoning. No oil, butter and sauce should be used for this purpose.
7. Plan your grocery list smartly, read the labels carefully, there are lot of ingredients like Hydrogenated Oil, Fructose Corn Syrup, Wheat Gluten, etc which are extremely unhealthy and need to be avoided. To be safe stick to organic food and fruits.

If you decide you want to start this diet…perhaps as a new year’s plan, you can pick the drops up from our studio or you can order it from our website at this link: