What is full body hair removal?

Full body is different for everyone. Some people have hair where others don’t. Some people want to keep their hair in places that others don’t. So you tell us: what do you mean by full body? Back, chest, stomach, shoulders, neckline, Brazilian? Or underarms, abdomen trail, legs, feet? It is up to you, we mix and match any areas to customize a full body package just for you.
How much does it cost?Full Body Hair Removal in Lakewood CO

Laser hair removal is very affordable. We have price points to meet any budget. Since full hair removal can take anywhere from 12-14 sessions, we offer a package of 6 full body sessions for $1995,  and each visit scheduled at your convenience.  We also offer many a la cart laser packages for specific areas. Call us to find out more! Please note: the hour starts when your appointment is scheduled. If you arrive late, the time will be forfeited.  Please come fully shaved.  If you would like us to shave you, there is an additional shave fee.

Can you tell me how much it will cost before I schedule an appointment?

Until we see you in person, we cannot offer very accurate information. Since we want to give you the best possible results, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation – it only takes about 15 minutes.  We will examine your body hair, hair color, thickness, skin tone and answer any questions or concerns. Once your consultation is complete, we will be more able to offer suggestions on how many treatments it may take, how long each session will be, and what areas you will need more treatments on.

How many treatments will it take?

You will notice the areas on your body that have more hair will take more treatments than the areas that don’t have as much hair. Also, the more sensitive areas may take more sessions than areas that aren’t as sensitive. Legs and backs will take fewer sessions than chest and Brazilian for most people.

What if I just want to thin out the hair but don’t want it completely gone?

If you are looking to reduce the amount of hair you have all over your body, start with three full body laser sessions. After that, you may want to do a few more on some of the thicker-haired areas.

Will it hurt?

Our new lasers are virtually pain free! Expect to feel light pressure and warmth.  Often, our clients have stated that they are very pleasantly surprised at how manageable it is to get a laser treatment. Most even express there was no pain at all. The thicker the hair, the more you will feel. We will adjust the laser settings to your skin, your hair type and, most importantly, your comfort level. Our new laser is nothing like lasers of the past. The snappy rubber band feeling with the old suction lasers are gone. We are pleased to offer you top of the line true diode laser equipment for your services.