My husband and I had the rare opportunity to slip away, kid-free, for a night last weekend.  Since we don’t get a night out alone very often, we wanted to make it count.

After playing wife and mom all week, helping with homework, cooking, cleaning and conking out by 9pm because I’m so exhausted, it’s exciting to think about having an adults only night. I can have one too many beers, I can swear (hells yes), I can sport some skin.  Lots of skin.

So what did the hubby and I do for our date night?

I bought us tickets for the Pole Theatre USA competition, naturally.

Two words to sum up the show: effing amazing.  Watching it made me want to install a pole in my bedroom.  The show wasn’t about T&A…it was art.  OK, maybe a little T&A, but the sheer strength, creativity and grace from the dancers was incredible.  How does a person hold his or her body at a 90 degree angle on a pole?  Or slide down that pole using only the back of an elbow?  Every single dancer’s body was amazing.  I think I said holy shit at least ten times as I watched.

Note to self: look into pole dancing lessons.  Who wants to come with me?!

Both men and women from all over the country competed, and there was a refreshingly eclectic audience – which made it even more fun.  I was tempted to slip my Acomoclitic business card into everyone’s pockets (or their G-strings).

Here are a few of my favorite performances.  If you happen to hear a crazy hoot call from the audience, yeah, that was probably me.

The lovely…

The comedy…

And the winner…

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