Sugaring for Men

hairlesscoupleThe Brazilian wax service for men has become very popular in the last decade. With the most recent portrayal of men in GQ, and yes even Cosmopolitan over the last 15 years, it is impossible to get away with body hair of any sort. And more women are requesting their men to remove their body hair.

The Brazilian Wax  completely removes any and all genital hair (including butt crack and scrotum) We affectionately call it the “back, crack and sack”.

Among our male clientele is a cross-section of customers including your average Joe, bodybuilders, bicyclists, swimmers, business men, and of course the Metro-sexual. These days men are waxing because they want a clean look and want to appear younger. Brazilians and Back Sugars are the most requested services.

At Moxie, you have your choice of removing all of the hair above the penis, or leaving some hair in an attractive shape of your choice. (Keep in mind, we are limited to what shapes we can create – we’re working with pubic hair here)  Brazilian Sugar is not something you should undertake at home; it’s definitely a professional procedure. You’ll never be able to reach all the spots and crevices a professional can, and really, wouldn’t you rather have somebody else making sure you’re perfect? In addition, if you don’t want anyone to know you came here, don’t worry! We are known for our discretion. We will never call you, or email you with out your permission. We abide by HIPPA laws, too. If we see you out in public, and don’t say hi, please don’t be offended. Our policy is to let our customers talk first. We are very proud of what we do, but we understand if you’re with a significant other, friend,  or a group of buddies, you might not want us to stop and say hello. 

Why should men ever consider Brazilian Sugaring? Media reports suggest that in several major metro areas including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington, DC., men are paying up to $100 for bikini waxes that take it all off. Why? Apparently, men claim it makes for a more sensual experience and without the hair, everything down there looks bigger. At the end of the day, this is a very inexpensive way for men to please their lover while feeling more confident and sexy about themselves.

Most men are surprised to hear that the majority of our male clientele for Brazilian waxing are married heterosexual. We do however service men of all lifestyles: single, bi-sexual, homosexual, transsexual, transvestite, and transgender. Moxie Studio staff is open minded and loves the variety of people we are privileged to help feel sexier and more confidant. 50% of our clientele are men!

In Denver, Moxie Studio is the number #1 studio dedicated to Brazilian Hair Removal for men. We use the best techniques and products to ensure your service is proficient, safe and with the least amount of pain possible. In fact, you may be surprised that your Brazilian Sugaring will be done with a sugar paste instead of the traditional wax. The sugar causes much less irritation on the sensitive skin of a male scrotum. It isn’t hot, so there is no chance of being burned. 

Now, if you aren’t wanting to venture below the belt as of yet….and are just looking to have your back or chest waxed, we do that too! Moxie  Studio offers hair removal for the entire body, including ears, nostrils, and neckline, which are popular areas for men to have de-fuzzed.

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