• may special

    May 2015 Specials

    During the month of May we are offering a complimentary lip or brow sugar with any sugar wax service!Don't forget that Mothers Day is May 10th - an Acomoclitic gift certificate is a great way
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  • moving funny

    Drum Roll, Please…

    First of all, I want to thank y'all for being patient with us.  We've been keeping this exciting news in our back pockets for weeks.  Lots of hard work, logistics and paper signing has gone into
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  • picking-pimple

    What’s Your Skin Type?

    I've noticed that many people aren't 100% sure what their skin type is, including myself.  It can be confusing.That said, it's important to know what your skin type is before visiting
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  • People Who are Having a Worse Hair Day Than You Are

    Hopefully you're not having a bad hair day today but, if you are, who cares!  It's Friday!If I have a bad hair day on Monday, I'm tempted to go batshit crazy, Brittany Spears style, and shave
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  • Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable…and BIG NEWS!

    What do I love most about Acomoclitic's staff?  They are brilliant at making a client feel comfortable.  Just yesterday (during one of my research days - if you read Friday's blog, you'll know
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  • braz ??

    The 9 Stages Of Growing Out Your Brazilian Wax

    As a writer, I like to do my research so I can at least pretend to know what I'm talking about.  I'm a pretty lucky chick - how many people can say their "research" involves stripping down to get
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  • manscaping

    Manscaping and More…

    A concern with one's external appearance is deeply ingrained within human nature. After all, a potential mate’s attractiveness ranks as one of the top traits of interest to the opposite sex.
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  • back fat

    Sass, Shopping & Sesame Street

    Do you have those days when you look at your body in the mirror and decide that you don't look too bad and, in fact, those thighs look pretty firm...And then the very next day you look again
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  • April 2015 Newsletter

    Acomoclitic Studio offers full body laser and sugaring hair removal services as well and various other skin beautification services.View this
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  • You Are What You Eat – Foods For Healthier Skin

    As the saying goes, you are what you eat.  If you're not consuming a healthy, well balanced diet, most likely your skin will be the first to tell you so.  A photo facial, chemical peel or
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