• hair removal

    The Rise of Male Hair Removal

    Pulling, plucking, shaving and waxing - it’s safe to say women go to great lengths to stay smooth and hair-free. But, these days, men everywhere are taking more of an interest in their
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  • sex and margaritas

    Sex And Margaritas?

    My husband just returned from traveling for business for a few days and, before he left I was deathly ill with the stomach flu. With all of that going on, we went two weeks without nookie (a
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  • acne 2

    Hands Off! Don’t Pick At Your Skin!

    I have a confession: I'm a skin picker. I catch myself, while sitting at the computer writing, with my hands on my face. Dammit, Tasha, don't touch your face!If you read the blog about my
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  • Football Special!

    I'm sitting here in my home office, in sweat pants and lip gloss, wondering what to write about today, and a million ideas are running through my head. Stay tuned to the blog to read about
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  • shocked-face

    “Cotton Vagina” – Who knew?!

    Living in Colorado, my family often has out-of-town visitors. Other than wanting to spend time with us, can you guess what almost all of them want to do while here?They want to visit the
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  • Is It a Mole Or a Skin Tag?

    It's easy to confuse a mole for a skin tag.I am a rare individual, and I don't have very many moles. I think I have about 5 total. And they are boring. Not cute, or sexy in any way. I do,
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  • I love my back hair….. said no man ever.

    I love running my hands down his smooth, silky back.
  • Shit My Kids Ruined

    I wish someone would have told me that, once you have kids, you have to wait a really long time before you can have nice shit again. Like furniture, for instance.Do you know parents with
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  • pubic wig

    The History of Pubic Hair

    Ancient Egypt - Someone spilled honey on themselves and discovers "sugaring."Neurotic about staying cool (and clean), Egyptians were meticulous about hair removal. A sticky paste (beeswax was
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  • alma soprano ice machine

    Laser Hair Removal Facts

    What is it?Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that uses a laser - an intense, pulsating beam of light - to remove unwanted hair. Here at Moxie, we use the Alma Soprano Ice, a
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