• girl on roller blades

    10 Reasons to Visit Moxie

    Here are ten reasons to book a visit at Moxie  Studio 1. You're tired of shaving, and getting irritation, redness and in-growns. (Try our pain free laser or sugar hair removal) 2. You can't
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  • denver facial

    Beta Peel

    The Beta Peel (Salicylic Acid Peel) is a more vigorous peel than traditional TCA or Glycolic peels. This peel is usually recommended for blemished, thick or oily skin or skin that is
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  • face-flower

    Alpha Peel

    Alpha Peels, also known as Glycolic peels, are recommended for almost everyone. If your skin is healthy, dry or oily, a Glycolic Acid Peel can help you achieve a fresher look. Glycolic Acid
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  • Sugaring for Women

    Dare to Bare! There is some phenomenon that happens when a women is free of hair down there, she automatically feels more beautiful, sexy, confident and alive. Moxie estheticians are
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  • hairlesscouple

    Sugaring for Men

    The Brazilian wax service for men has become very popular in the last decade. With the most recent portrayal of men in GQ, and yes even Cosmopolitan over the last 15 years, it is impossible to
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  • manscaping

    Does she like your body hair?

    So, it's definitely not 1974 anymore. I haven't heard how sexy chest hair on men is in about 30 years. What do women think of chest hair? What do women think of back hair? That is what we set out
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  • couple750x440

    Brides and Grooms… Take a Trip to Brazil!

    Wedding season is upon us! Are you a bride or groom to be, or know someone who is? Send them our way! While we can't guarantee everything will go right with your wedding, we can help make your
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  • men skin

    By the Hair of my Chiny, Chin Chin….

    You can huff. You can puff. But you won't knock that chin hair down. (Or lip, for that matter). You might have tried shaving, waxing, plucking, pulling, or an assortment of other means, and those
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  • skate

    Welcome to the Jungle

    You're in the shower, soaping up and suddenly you look down. Does this song start running through your head? If you need to shampoo, rinse and repeat your nether regions, it's time for you to pay
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  • butt

    Bleaching…Let’s Change your Ring Tone.

    Anal Bleaching. You're probably thinking...is it what I think it is? If you think it's anal bleaching cream, you're right. We had a bunch of a-holes volunteer (ha ha get it?) and both our male
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