Anal Bleaching. You’re probably thinking…is it what I think it is?

If you think it’s anal bleaching cream, you’re right. We had a bunch of a-holes volunteer (ha ha get it?) and both our male and female models were thrilled we offer this new service, and have all loved their progress with the lightening of the area(s) they chose.ashley madison

So… how exactly does it work; let’s get to the bottom of it, shall we? A session includes a lemon cream scrub to exfoliate the area, a peel to open the pores, a microneedle session to rejuvenate collagen, and the cream application to lighten the area. Together these services create the starting point of the bleaching process. We will give you cream to take home to continue daily applications yourself, and you return to the studio every couple of weeks for another session and to monitor the process.

It is safe. Effective. Minimal pain, and no down time. Our models have described the “pain”as more tingly than painful, and only for a couple minutes. Otherwise, the consensus was the entire service was tolerable, and most of them said it was not at all what they expected and were pleasantly surprised. A couple even said it was relaxing.

This service is available to men and women, and we can treat many areas. I can’t write them all out as social media will block me. (They are a little anal.) Call us for further details.


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