Laser Price List

SMALL AREA: $195 for 6 sessions
or $49 per single session
Ab Trail, Ears, Nose, Lip, Unibrow, Buttcrack, Cheeks, Forehead, Front Neckline, Chin, Nipples, Back Neckline, Chin & Lip, Hands, Sideburns, Feet

UNDERARMS: $345 for 6 sessions
or $85 per single session       

MEDIUM AREA: $695 for 6 sessions
or $175 per single session
Full Face, Stomach, Male or Female Brazilian, Beard, Chest, 1/2 Arm, Shoulders, Butt Cheeks, Bikini Line

LARGE AREA: $795 for 6 sessions
or $225 per single session
Full Arms, Upper or Lower Legs, Back

COMBO : $795 for 6 sessions
or $175 per single session
Brazilian/Bikini and Underarms

FULL BODY: $1995 for 6 Sessions
Full Body: Customized and unlimited to any areas you choose. Offered as a package only.

Receive 30-60 minutes a month of laser on any area(s) of your body, for life!

MAINTENANCE PACKAGE: Price Varies. $99 and up
If you have received 6-12 sessions of laser hair removal, and only need maintenance, we can customize a package for you based on your needs. Give us a call!

Best Results for Laser Hair Removal:
Shave the area for your Laser service. Any areas that you can’t reach, we can shave for you for a small fee prior to your treatment. Plan on doing 9-12 sessions, approximately one month apart, for 85-95% permanent hair reduction. More services may be needed for 95+% removal. Laser only works on brown and black hair.