Brazilian Hair Removal – Men and Women

There is quite the range of bikini styles, from removing only the pubic hair that shows outside the bikini line, to “Taking It All Off!” Everybody has their own preference. At Moxie Sugar and Laser Studio, we customize every Brazilian to your liking.

A full Brazilian for women includes: mound, labia bikini line and butt crack.

A full Brazilian for men includes: mound, scrotum, bikini line (blended into the thigh) and butt crack.

We can definitely leave a trail, diamond or triangle shape if you choose. Note: We are not master pubic hair artists, we can do a pretty decent shape from the list above, but 4 leaf clovers, hearts and other shapes are a little hard to do, but if requested, we will give it a try!

If you are feeling like your hair is too long, and want to trim it prior to your apt, we are asking you to leave it alone. We like it long! Don’t play kitchen beautician. The longer it is, the easier to remove.