Baby, it’s cold outside! Although we Coloradans have been pretty spoiled with this year’s warmish winter weather, those snowy days can make it easy to neglect our skin.

I’m definitely guilty of this.

Just yesterday, cozy in my sweatpants and no makeup, watching the snowflakes gently fall onto my driveway that I’d eventually have to shovel away (shoveling snow burns calories, right?), I inspected my face in the mirror. And, within 30 seconds, I identified two new pimples, a brown spot and a very LONG hair growing out of my chin.

Oh, great.

I have beard hairs. I’m a woman with a beard. I wonder if the circus is hiring…

Standing in front of the mirror, I realized that my skin was just trying to tell me to take better care of it. Makeup can only cover so much, even at the circus. I stood there and apologized to my face.

I’m sorry, face. You’re right, I need to take better care of you.

Did I just apologize to my face?

While I was complaining to a girlfriend about my pimples and beard hair today, she gently reminded me that I could easily make an appointment for a Photo Facial She recently had a photo facial at Moxie Studio and said that it dramatically improved her skin: no more pimples, no more dark spots, no more beard hair.

Where do I sign up? Your face is the first thing people see. Don’t neglect that precious skin.

And don’t forget to check for beard hairs.