I’m going to get a little down and dirty with you today.

Unless you live on Mars, I’m guessing that you’ve heard about the movie 50 Shades of Grey; it made over $98 million in its opening weekend. Wow ladies, well played. $98 million to get tied up by a rich, handsome man who wants to take me all over the world and have his way with me, but still respects me in the morning?

Twist my arm…twist my arm…

Obviously, we women like our sexy time in the bedroom and on the screen. It’s OK, you can admit it. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Being seduced and dominated by a man definitely has its appeal. Making out in an elevator, having a secret room, getting wined and dined?

Yes, please.

That said, we need to take our sexuality into our own hands – tied up or not. My husband likes to call it “The Power of the P.”

Is this where I should burn my bra?

My bra is on fire! I’m responsible for my own orgasm! I can get naked for my man and ask for anything that I want, whoo! This Power of the P is amazing! As you probably know, this P-power can swing both ways. I’m just as guilty of being seduced by it. If the husband looks at me a certain way, I melt. Yes babe, I’m yours tonight. Be gentle.

On second thought, don’t be gentle. Where’s the whip? Just kidding.

Ok, not kidding. We do own a whip.

Back to 50 Shades…forget about him tying you up – tie him up instead. Flash that smooth, sexy skin and show him who the real boss is. Somehow I don’t think he’ll argue. Turn off all the lights and let him discover why you skipped lunch and went for a sugaring instead. Flip the hair. Make a new noise. Tell him where to put his hands.

And, when you’re done, call me if you want help burning your bra in the backyard. I’ll bring mine, too.