10 Reasons to Visit Moxie

Here are ten reasons to book a visit at Moxie  Studio

1. You’re tired of shaving, and getting irritation, redness and in-growns. (Try our pain free laser or sugar hair removal)girl on roller blades

2. You can’t find someone to shave your back, and doing it yourself is not easy unless you are a master Jedi. (We can shave it for you! Or wax or laser it)

3. You have sun damage that cover up just won’t conceal anymore. (Try our IPL)

4. You have turned the magnifying mirror around so you don’t see the blackheads in your nose. (Try our facials, with massage and extractions)

5. That damn hair just keeps coming back, right after you shave!  If you never want to see that hair again, call for a laser hair removal appointment.

6. You have a skin tag or tags that are annoying, and irritated from clothes rubbing on them (We offer skin tag removal! Quick and easy)

7. You’re tired of your kids asking why your face looks so scrunchy. (We offer Botox and Dysport here)

8.  You’re getting ready for a special night out and you want to be smooth and silky for your bedroom time.

9. You’re suddenly in your 40’s and realizing that it is YOUR TIME to SHINE. And you’re finally going to start laser hair removal, because you’re worth it.

10. You want to come to Denver’s #1 Sugar waxing studio and see what we’re all about! (We offer free consultations on all services) Check out our reviews on Yelp and Hire Frederick. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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